Planet Hollywood’s Ultimate Variety, Gives Big Laugh


“You had me at the leather pants,” I thought to myself as a talented drummer hung above me, wailing on a giant steel grid of drums….”Hmmm….I thought, cougarishly, (Hey, I calls ‘em like I see ‘em), and nice guns.” What else does this show have to offer?

V Ultimate Variety Show Planet Hollywood
V Ultimate Variety Show Planet Hollywood

The answer? Planet Hollywood’s Ultimate Variety show has plenty to offer. This revue features a wide-range of acts from around the world that has something for everyone.

Wally Eastwood, master of ceremonies and cousin to Clint Eastwood (Really! No, not really) started the evening with “If you really want to enjoy the show and experience variety, start drinking,” I concur Mr. Eastwood. Lean back, lube up and let the entertainment wave over you (literally wave over you for some of the acts). Eastwood is an excellent juggler (and I know, because I majored in juggling in college. Really! Yes Really!). His high energy and self deprecating style warmed up the audience nicely.

Next, The Crazy Gauchos, drummers Eduardo and Hugo from Argentina, took the stage and to tell you the truth, I was suspect. Men with pants tucked into cream buttery boots, metal coin belts and vests (yes, I said it vests) made me wonder where this was all going. But then they pulled out their balls and won over the crowd (that last sentence may need some explanation). The men had wooden balls on strings and whipped them around furiously (think of nun chucks on acid) to a rhythmic beat. I have to admit, they were my favorite act, not only for the drumming and balls, but the emasculation of the man in the front row (now that’s MY kind of entertainment). Hilarious!!!

Next Iouri and Nikolai, 0% body fat acrobats, came out and posed in all sort of crazy positions that would put the Karma Sutra to shame….Hey I wonder if they’re single? But I digress.

Tamara, a Ukrainian gymnast, is the next performer. This double jointed toothpick of a gal put things over and above and she twisted all while whipping around several metal hula hoops….Men out there…she also might be a good candidate for a date (I’m just sayin’). I was in awe, I didn’t know people could actually bend that way.

Aerial Expressions came to the stage and with their puckery “faux” snake skin pants and I started to think they were re-enacting Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video….but they didn’t….damn. But they did balance on each other and fly and spin over the audience….with straps…it was impressive and a bit nerve wracking….I just kept seeing them letting go, falling…and then re-enacting Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video…hmmm…Sorry folks, back to the review.

Eastwood (remember Wally, not Clint) appeared again and performed a routine where he throws large balls (This is definitely a “Balls” themed show) on a large keyboard playing songs like “Funkytown” and Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.” Now, I flunked piano in college (yes, the same place I took juggling) and I have to say, this was an incredible feat.

Joe Trammel is the final act for the night. He re-creates musical groups, movies, television, videos and songs with the use of props, costumes and music. From Eminem, to Ozzie Osborne, to the Jackson Five, Trammel had people rolling on the floor. To be honest, it wasn’t my type of humor, but the person I went with thought he was the best thing in the show. See! Something for everyone.

If you are looking for a night of big laughs, big balls,  karma sutra positions and leather pants….This is definitely the show for you.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show at Planet Hollywood
Shows 7:00pm & 8:30pm Nightly For all ages. V Theater Box Office
702-932-1818 Tickets start at $65.

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