Plastic Surgery For Pets Getting Very Popular


It’s no secret that people love their pets… but just how far can they go before it gets utterly insane? I mean sure, who hasn’t looked at another person’s dog walking down the street and said to themselves, “Wow! My dog is so much cuter.”? But imagine being the owner of that uglier mutt. Is pet plastic surgery the answer? Ah… okay.

Well that’s just the solution that seems to be on the rise according to recent pet reports. And we’re not just talking necessary surgeries to assist the animal in walking or other life tool essentials. We’re talking full-blown Park Avenue vanity nonsense like nose jobs and Botox for those unfortunate pup wrinkles!

According to PetPlan, “not only was there a jump in nose jobs by 25% over three years costing a total of $2.5 million in 2010, but $1.6 million was also invested in eyelifts.” However, still taking first place in the popular pet procedure department according to ABC News is the installation of fake testicles for neutered dogs. These are known as Neuticles – which are bean-shaped silicone implants swapped in through a tiny scrotal slit during the neutering procedure. And don’t worry about which balls to choose to aid your little buddy’s pride. Apparently, most vets have the Neuticle catalog which display faux testicles with sizes ranging from “petite” to “XXL.”

Has your dog been sneaking a few too many treats over the years? Not to worry. Fido can get a tummy tuck as well. Well why wouldn’t you after fixing his teeth with dog braces?! Alright… even those two got me pondering. If you’re wondering how pet organizations are weighing in, it’s probably just as you had suspected. HuffPost reported that “The ASPCA is opposed to elective surgeries that are undertaken solely to conform to breed standards, including cropping ears and docking tails.” But PetPlan says that some elective surgeries can actually aid your pet. For instance, suppose your dog or cat has too much skin growing in and around it’s face. A face lift (yes… I just said that) can pull back the skin allowing them to see better and hence have a better quality of life. I’m not suggesting giving your English Bulldog the Joan Rivers special, but you get the idea.

Maybe I’m in a minority here but I guess I can concede and say who are we to determine that our pet’s self esteem means less than ours? Why just the other day, I was strolling through the park and came across a Beverly Hills Spanial with obvious work done. I’m not sure if she was smiling or not but then… again neither did she. But, it was pretty obvious how flattered she was when an Italian Greyhound walked by and whispered, “You don’t look a day over 6!” Ah the joy of turning back time with a knife and the correct kibble blend.

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