Playboy Hugh Hefner & Girlfriends See PEEPSHOW Starring Holly Madison


Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and current girlfriends visit the La Vegas show PEEPSHOW with Hef’s ex Holly Madison. What an adventurous night in Vegas?! Saturday night the trio enjoyed the striptease spectacular starring reality TV star and Playboy cover Model Holly Madison as character “Bo Peep.”


Photo by Ethan Miller

Hef was pulled up on stage during the Saturday evening performance for an audience interaction act along with Madison and ShoShana Bean, “Trick or Two.” Hefner took pleasure in the performance saying, “Holly makes a fantastic “Bo Peep.” He added “I was delighted, it was wonderful. I really enjoyed it, I think everyone did, it was really enjoyable!” Hefner also commented on his PEEPSHOW appearance saying, “When I discovered what happened to the (other) guy who got chosen, I was just as glad it wasn’t me!”


Photo by Ethan Miller

After the performance, Holly met Hefner and his current very young girlfriends to a backstage tour. Because of her character “Bo Peep,” her guests painted sheep on her dressing room wall. What did Hef paint? A sheep with of course a pipe.


Photo by Ethan Miller

The others joined in on the celebration and painted, too. Hefner’s longtime personal assistant Mary O’Connor left her signature sheep on the wall, too.

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