Playboy Mansion Event Leaves 170 with Legionellosis


Filling the heads of approximately 90 or so percent (my mere estimation) of males out there, at one time or another during their lives, has been the jaw dropping, drool induced dream to visit Hugh Hefner’s esteemed Playboy mansion. While obviously most never see this come to fruition, some might be re-thinking the high hopes and related aspirations after a recent event held on Hefner’s luxurious premises left roughly 170 of its attendees sick as a dog.

Health officials reported the approximated number earlier today, after the mansion held an annual fundraiser in conjunction with DOMAINfest Global Conference. The diagnosis—legionellosis, which is more commonly referred to as Pontiac fever, is leaving its victims with “symptoms mostly consisting of fever, chills, general discomfort (malaise) and some cough,” reads the health related report.

Further investigation goes on to show that legionellosis is a weakened form of Legionnaires’ disease caused by bacterial growth, generally in warm water. Makes sense considering the Playboy property has upwards to a bajillion pools and hot tubs (again my mere approximation).

One such victim had this to say of the epidemic: “I’d like to know what took away a week of my life,” attendee David Castello, told the New York Times. “They just need to find out where and when it started. Now it’s like a big mystery; everyone wants to know.”

I fear the only minute upside to the whole fiasco is the fact that the outbreak has no relation to any sexually transmitted disease, as I’m sure many of you assumed at the beginning of this article. And hey, I’m right there with you. All I have to say is, “Hef, clean that place up.” What is your net worth again?

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