Pole Spin: New Magazine for Pole Dancers


Yes, you read the title correctly and it’s true. There is a new magazine in town and it’s exclusively for pole dancers. Granted, looking at Pole Spin’s inaugural cover, I highly doubt that pole dancers will be the only ones buying it.

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘International Pole Dance Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine’ is not a soft porn or men’s magazine, but in fact, a new periodical that celebrates both fitness, well-being and the, um, sport of pole dancing.

And looking at some of the article titles, “The Pole Pumas – Under 40 Need Not Apply,” “Pole Fitness in Saudi Arabia” “People you least expect to be on Poles” and “Male Pole Puma?” there is obviously a lot to read about on the subject.

There is even an American Pole Fitness Championship. And if the competitors look as good as Steven “Princeton” Retchless on page 58 of the new issue, then count me in as a fan for next year’s event!

Impressively, these people are proud of their sport and defend it against the usual stigmas that claim pole dancing is only for trashy, strippers trying to make a buck.

Not so says Pole Spin.

“First of all, what difference does it make if someone chooses to make a living as a pole dancer? Live and let live. People live their lives according to the things they understand as “normal”. This misconception is ignorance at its best. It’s completely false.”

Well said. Looks like I’ll be ordering my free copy after all.