Police Officer Faces Arrest After Having Sex In Public Pool


CONNERSVILLE, Indiana ~ (UK Daily Mail/AP) ~ A reserve police officer and a woman are facing arrest on public indecency charges for allegedly having sex in a community pool as parents looked on in horror.

Connersville Police issued an no-trespass orders to 39-year-old Myron Helms and 40-year-old Victoria Cross after shocked swimmers complained about their intimate encounter to the manager of the Roberts Park Family Pool on July 17th. Helms, who worked as a part-time officer with the nearby Laurel Police Department for several years, has been suspended without pay pending further investigation. The couple reportedly had sex for thirty minutes in the community pool while several onlookers, including children, were present and watching their actions. After multiple complaints, manager Cindy Schwab approached the couple and asked them to stop. According to the police report, that’s when Cross moved away from Helms, which was when Schwab, “could see his penis.”

Police were called and issued Helms and Cross the no-trespass orders at the scene; on July 19th Fayette County Prosecutors Office filed misdemeanor charges of public indecency against them, and a warrant for their arrests is expected to be issued. Connerville Sports and Activities Director Daryl Drew told reporters, “we’ve tried to make this a family place and it’s not a family place when you’re coming, doing lewd acts like that.” Drew said the pool was cleared of all patrons and the entire water system had been recycled and workers added fresh chemicals.

Photo credit: Roberts Park Family Aquatic Center

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