Porsche Design inside Crystals at City Center: One For the Boys


I am now, and have always been a Porsche enthusiast! I have a bright red 1982 924 Porsche. (Okay, it belongs to my fiance, but he bought it because of how in love I am with Porsches). She is a beast of a car. I like my cars like I like my clothes..vintage! But I digress.


I was very excited to see the Porsche Design store at Crystals inside City Center Las Vegas. Black, gray, white and clean lines. It is not a huge place, but that is fine. They have such an amazing line of products. Before I tell you anything else, I have to say that the two gentlemen that were working the day I was in were very friendly and knowledgeable when it came to their product, pricing, and all things Porsche. I was very impressed.

They have a nice selection of clothing and things for the office. The watches have some attention grabbing details that drove me mad. I am obsessed with the luggage! Techie gadgets galore including stereo equipment and cellular phones. The prices are high end but worth every penny. And they have some rad stuff for the kitchen as well that is oh so special and shiny! I am in love with the shapes of the knives.

When I was approaching the store I was bouncing around happy, but I have to tell you, I had no idea what I would find at Porsche Design. Everything available there blew my mind. The materials are the finest. The workmanship is so far beyond perfect. If you are, as I am, a lover of Porsche, then zoom on down to Crystals at City Center and check out Porsche Design, converse with the wonderful employees, and be prepared to spend your rent!

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