Portia De Rossi Eats 300 Calories Per Day While Weighing 82 Pounds


Portia de Rossi opened up to Oprah for a shocking interview about her battle with anorexia and how she was almost “proud” of the fact that she got her weight down to just 82 pounds.

She reveals that there were times when she was eating only 300 calories a day to maintain her weight– that’s like a low fat granola bar, an apple and a few pieces of beef jerky. For the entire day.

My goldfish eats more than 300 calories a day.

I definitely had some pretty amazing willpower to get down to 82 pounds, and that’s what I was holding on to. I didn’t think about anything else.” The former Ally McBeal and Arrested Development star said that she would have preferred to “die than fail another diet.” At one point she was taking up to 20 laxatives a day.

In addition to hiding her anorexia from friends and cast mates, she also hid the fact of her homosexuality, which was directly linked to her eating disorder if not the main reason behind it.

She writes in her memoir, “Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain,” which hit shelves on November 1st, about her first encounter with current partner, Ellen Degeneres; “I remember being so excited and overjoyed to be around her that I can still recall the feeling of running after her back stage,” she writes.

Degeneres, whom she married at their Los Angeles home in 2008, made a big impact on de Rossi; “she taught me not to care about other people’s opinions. Ellen saw a glimpse of my inner being from underneath the flesh and bone, reached in and pulled me out.

Written by K. Politis

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