President Bush and Kanye West Finally Face to Face on Weekend Update


An unaccustomed, unwarranted meeting of which has been long overdue for years now, former US president, George W. Bush and controversial musician, Kanye West have finally put their differences and personal attacks aside and thus appeared on major network television just last night. And I’m sure you all are thinking to yourselves that this is the most awkwardly interesting newsflash in quite some time, but before I ruffle your feathers to an over exuberant amount, did any of you happen to catch last night’s Saturday Night Live?

Well, If you did, then this piece will come as no such shock because that is exactly what I’m referring to. The week’s rendition of the pre-sketched comedy carousel became home to the first ever co-joined interview between the politician and rapper – an impostured comedy bit, if you haven’t caught up by now.

The sketch features the two eagerly hated public figures joined together in an interview of sorts for the show’s “Weekend Update” Perfect timing to curate the routine, if you haven’t been keeping up with the news lately. Just this past week, in a nut shell, Kanye apologized for calling President Bush a racist, back during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, after Bush came out saying that it was the most traumatic moment of his presidency. After all of this, I really wouldn’t be too surprised if the two men ended up in a room together in the near future. You heard it here first.

Back to the SNL bit. Have a look as the new found BFF’s disclose of their recent shopping adventure, as well as some time spent at one of the President’s ranches in clearing some brush. After checking out this highly informative piece of work, the two really do have several similarities. Okay, so maybe a bit of sarcasm, but if you think about it, they actually do.

He interrupted Taylor Swift at an awards show and I interrupted how well our country was doing for 8 years.

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