Primm Valley Resorts Brings Back Lucha Libre Wrestling


It all goes down on Sunday, April 19th at 2pm as the Primm Valley Casino Resorts brings back Lucha Libre Wrestling to their Star of the Desert Arena at Buffalo Bills.

Lucha Libre Wrestling

The event will feature a “super” card with wrestlers “Super Crazy” and “Super Parka.” The card features 24 wrestlers including 10 minis; women; three-man, tag-team matches; and “Super Crazy” vs. “Super Parka” competing against each other in the tag-team main event.

Lucha Libre Wrestling began in Mexico almost 100 years ago and has earned a secure spot in the country’s culture. It differs from wrestling in the United States in the sense that the wrestlers are quicker and perform more aerial maneuvers than American wrestlers.

Tickets for the April 19th event are $20, $40, and $60 and are available by calling 1.800.386.7867. If you’re a wrestling fan, why not take the 30 minute ride to state-line, grab some cheap tickets, and check out the Lucha Libre Wrestling event at the Primm Valley Casino Resorts.

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