Prince William and Bride-to-Be, Kate, Are Superheroes


It’s true. If you thought you’d heard everything, listen to this. Someone in England has devised a comic strip around the two. It is amazing. They have not even wed yet and already the British have dollar signs in their eyes.

The comic strip originated with the idea to elevate Prince William to Prince Charming as he rescues ordinary girl, Kate. She is designed to be the simple college girl we all love and want to be. In the strip he really comes rushing in to “sweep her off her feet”.

It is all kind of ideal and kitsch. Perhaps to us Americans. Although, we cannot go pointing any fingers. Look at Disneyland and Hollywood. That’s what the world sees when they look at us. And if you think the media and the public aren’t taking this serious and embracing it, think again!

The strip will premiere in April. The sketch artist Mike Collins said to the press, “There’s always been a tradition in this country of comics for girls in which the girl dreams of meeting someone famous and falling in love,” as quoted from the Daily Mail website.

The graphic novel is set to be published and released in two separate editions.In one edition the life of the Prince is chronicled including his rugby days, his studies and his time with the Royal Air Force. The other edition focuses on Ms. Middleton as a debutante and moves on the her challenges of life and the paparazzi.

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