Privacy Be Gone: Facebook to Share User’s Address and Phone Numer


With 2012 less than a year away, it is clear that the world is coming to a predestined and somewhat abrupt end (just follow along with me). But almost rivaling that, the eerily and highly projected fearful factor looks like it will be coming out to play. For Facebook is finally slated to allow third party sites free raid of user’s home address and telephone numbers. After all, what can’t you find on the internet these days?

With this letdown of privacy having been expected for some time now, to a percentage of individuals, it comes as no shock, but even those and the majority of others are left outraged and feeling outright wronged. Is no personal information left sacred any more?

The multi-billion dollar company initially announced of the decision in January, as well as moderately implemented the online capabilities but subsequently revoked the privileges, perhaps to let things cool down before they courageously brought it up again. And here we are in March, looking like the inevitable is just around the corner.

“We expect that, once the feature is re-enabled, Facebook will again permit users to authorize applications to obtain their contact information,” Facebook’s Marne Levine, penned in a letter to Reps. regarding the innovation. “[H]owever, we are currently evaluating methods to further enhance user control in this area.”

So no worries there, outside parties have full reign of your private location and means of contact, but you might be able to disable the allowance. As if there already aren’t enough ways to hack anything computer related, these days.

With the ultimate, long-lasting decision still yet to be set in stone, expect an onslaught of outrage, petitions, and possible law suits (certainly no stranger to that), but ultimately Facebook wining in the end, because quite frankly—that’s just what they do.