Prive Nightclub Las Vegas to be closed down July 28th 2009


The final word has come that the fine opposed against Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is official as of 3pm on July 23rd 2009 in a Las Vegas Special Hearing Court. Soon after the fine was assigned the Business License Department canceled the renewal of the Prive Nightclub.

Our reporters were on location at the court hearing and then the news was released. The word out on the streets now is that the nightclub is to be closed down on July 28th 2009. We are un-aware of how or what will happen next with this venue with all the news of the Las Vegas Gaming Commission and the 9 indictments that were issued last week.

Planet Hollywood Resort agreed to pay the $500,000 fine. The agreement with Planet Hollywood could result in an additional $250,000 fine if another similar complaint is filed against the hotel-casino before July 31, 2011.

Some of the details that have been put in place since last week since reaching an agreement with regulators over the charges, Planet Hollywood has renegotiated its lease with the nightclub. Hotel-casino security and personnel can now enter the nightclub without have to be escorted by Privé’s security, as was the case before.

Attorney Frank Schreck, who represents the resort, told regulators hotel-casino also now has the authority to terminate the nightclub’s lease if similar problems occur. I guess that what they say now really puts the nightclub in a pickle.

We are going to be reaching out to some of the higher ups from the venue trying to see if they will announce their next move to see if they will continue to try and operate the venue under a different name with other owners put in place. Keep in mind that this is the only venue in Las Vegas that is run by the Florida based Opium Group.

Some of the things that were said when the Opium Group first moved here are that they had plans to open 6 plus venues in Las Vegas and try to change the Nightlife Entertainment World as everyone knows it. So yeah i guess they did keep to some truth of that with them being fined by the Gaming Commission which nobody in the entertainment industry has ever done before at least to my knowledge.

We will report again on this as the time narrows for the club to figure out how they will open its doors after the July 28th 2009 closing deadline.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the prudes in the government are getting in the way of the kind of fun club patrons are looking for. I’m sure its one or more of the nerdy ugly girls or dorky nerdy guys who are just total haters that complained. That’s usually the case and it only takes one. They should probably be confined to downtown LV and that whole area.

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