Prive Nightclub Las Vegas Shuts Down at Midnight Tonight


As most of you may have heard, Prive Nightclub Las Vegas has gotten itself in some turmoil and unfortunately has to close its doors. They applied for a temporary liquor license to stay in business until further appeal, but that request was denied today.

Prive Nightclub Las Vegas is Closed

It is with great misfortune to announce that Prive Nightclub Las Vegas must cease all business by midnight tonight. They will be missed. HOWEVER! There is still a chance that Prive will be back! The Clark County Commission will be meeting on August 4th to discuss what type of license Prive can be granted, if any. Until then, it’s lights out!

Inside sources are now saying that Greg J and Frank Tucker are to step down as managers of Prive Nightclub Las Vegas. So this makes us wonder what is to happen over at the Mandalay Bay Projects they are supposed to be working on. Once you are denied a Liquor License i think it is impossible to get added to another. Will this cause some turmoil in the development of the old Forty Deuce project or even will it affect the now open Bambu Bar inside Mandalay Bay Las Vegas.

There seems to be a big discussion of what the EX pair of operators from Pure Management Group will do in the next few weeks. Story Developing Stay Tuned!!!


The insiders word just came down that they have gotten denied to remain open while the appeal is in process for the strong remarks that the Top 3 put forth on Friday at Body English Nightclub popping bottles of Dom P and celebrating that nobody can stop them in Las Vegas. Insiders from Prive said that there was a meeting called after the press was released and for them to remain calm that they where to stay open during the appeal process. Soon after Prive Nightclub announced on its Twitter @prive_lv that they big a huge party for this Friday July 31st stating that they will remain open and pumping strong. I wonder if this is what put the nail in the coffin for them to not stay open while the appeal goes through the court system.

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