Protests Break Out Over The Word “Hon”


Alright, how many times have you been referred to as “hon” by a waitress? In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s a rule that in New York diners, every customer has the same name. “More coffee hon?” “All set with that hon?” “So just the check… or a little desert hon?” So, it comes as no surprise that a cafe owner in Baltimore – who claims to have invented the word – has trademarked the word. I know… a little bit of a stretch. But so are waffles with ice cream. If we allow Donald Trump to get “You’re fired!” and Paris Hilton to have “That’s hot.” I say, why the hell not, hon. Oh crap, do I owe this woman royalties now?

Earlier this week, it became less fun for Denise Whiting – who’s the owner of Café HON and creator of HONfest – after being granted a restraining order against 25 year old student Steven Akers, according to The Baltimore Sun. I bet she didn’t have that listed on the specials. Apparently this kid is all up in arms that she now “owns” the word. First of all, how bad did the cheesecake have to be for you to have a scintilla of care as to what the cafe owner has trademarked? He has even decided to waist time spent on creating “Facebook pages called ‘No One Owns Hon, Hon’ and ‘Boycott Cafe Hon’ [where] Akers rallied people to a series of protests in December, January and most recently during Honfest earlier this month.” Am I the only one that never heard of this event?

A June 20 court order has the following statement made in Whiting’s petition: “Our customers and staff at Cafe Hon, Hon Bar and Hontown are in fear of Steven Akers and his harassing, terrorizing, unpredictable, obsessive, stalkerlike behavior. He has been intimidating us since December 2010.” It was also revealed that Akers had made on the following threats on Facebook: “We need to hijack Honfest,” and “Dear Denise Whiting, be on notice: You and your power hungry behind will be put in check.”

With all this so called terrorizing going on over a word… Um, check please.

(Image from Baltimore Sun)

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