Ralph Lauren Drops “Polo” from Brand Name


Longtime fashion staple Ralph Lauren is well aware that to remain on top of your game, necessary changes must be made from time to time — even such transformations as dissecting the brand’s household name. Which is exactly what the worldwide company has done in dropping the word “Polo” from its name.

I know, I know. It’s just so much easier to say you want a Polo (in reference to Ralph Lauren, not the type of shirt), instead of using the elongated name Ralph Lauren Polo. But I’m sure you will come up with a clever abbreviation soon enough. RL works, right? But wait — isn’t that the old ladies division of the company?

Nonetheless, research has brought to light, that designer Ralph Lauren actually dubbed his brand “Polo” in the early 70s, so it is a shock and almost an admittance of mistake, that he is disregarding it altogether now.

Word is, the reasoning behind the cut-back is to once and for all, clear all confusion between the brand and the sport. I guess they have that trouble overseas, maybe — not so much here. Who plays polo, anyway? Marco?

The decision and transformation will likely take quite a while to completely undergo as you have to realize that there are billions of current Ralph Lauren items at retailers worldwide. They can give me some garb if they want.

Yup, I hope you know what you’re doing, Ralphie.

The only question left is — what will rappers say now when they want to spit a rhyme involving Polo shirts? Man, this just sucks all around.

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