Rapper Soulja Boy Lays Down $55 Million on Private Jet


In a true show of excess the rapper Soulja Boy, best know for the catchy tune “Crank That”, has dropped $55 million on his own personal G5 jet.  The rapper is said to have bought the airplane as a 21st  birthday present to himself.  While the jet itself is an impressive purchase he does not plan on stopping there, he’s throwing down cash to trick out his new ride.

The Jet itself has a staggering $35 million price tag.  The other $20 million is to pimp his ride with TVs, Italian leather couches, a couple of liquor bars, special tile floors, and Brazilian hardwood cabinets.  To round out the extravagance Soulja Boy plans to renovate the G5’s restroom turning it into a lavish bathroom.  Just so everyone knows he’s coming it’s also in the plans to give the exterior of the plane a makeover sporting Soulja Boy’s logo.

Though Soulja Boy has spared no expense for his new toy he’s not stopping there to celebrate his 21st.  He is also laying down a cool $300,000 for a private party at a Miami nightclub on July 29th.  Some guests expected to be in attendance are rapper Bow Wow, singer Shawn Kingston, and Pro Basketball player Dwight Howard.

He is young, famous, and rich, so it only makes sense for him to enjoy it.  You’re only 21 once and between the most expensive present he will ever buy and a party for the books this is sure to be a birthday he will never forget.  Though Soulja Boy is a relatively new face in the hip hop world he is definitely making it rain like an O.G.

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