Rapper T.I. Jams His Way All The Way Back to the Slammer


Sadly, we’re learning more and more quickly that fame can’t buy you happiness. It can’t even save you from the eyes of the law. T.I. (aka Clifford Harris Jr.) is back in a minimum-security federal prison, after surrendering today to begin serving 11 months for violating probation. His lawyer told E! News that the rapper checked in this morning at the facility. He’s no stranger to it though– he’s at the same Forrest City, Ark. complex where he logged seven months earlier this year for his illegal weapons conviction.

I can confirm he is in prison,” TI’s attorney Steve Sadow tells E! News. “He reported before the due time, which I think was noon.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons says that TI will not be separated or treated differently from anyone else: “We try to assimilate all our inmates into our general population,” she said.

TI’s problems started when he and wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were pulled over on the Sunset Strip and police found Ecstasy in their possession. A federal judge subsequently decided that T.I. was in violation and revoked his probation, sending him back to the big house only six months after he was released. Because of this, the Los Angeles DA’s Office last week rejected charging T.I., deciding it would have been redundant.

Tiny, however, didn’t get off so easily. Tameka Cottle faces a single count of drug possession and her attorney, Blair Berk, pleaded not guilty today on her behalf while Cottle was in Arkansas bidding goodbye to her beloved. Right after, Tiny Tweeted:

Very somber day 4me..on da plane headed bck! I’m bout 2take a nap! Tlk soon cause u guys always seem 2mk me feel alil better..God Bless!

TI himself stayed optimistic, though, as he Tweeted:

Hey yall #teamTI will be holding me down on this front with updates until I return. Thx for your continued support. In a minute No Mercy.”

Fortunately, TI does have something to look forward too. No Mercy, his next album, is due out Dec. 7. He quickly finished the album before he headed back to jail, including shooting a music video featuring Chris Brown for the album’s second single, “Get Back Up.”

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