Rashard Mendenhall Humps Ben Roethlisburger During AFC Championship Game [VIDEO]


While certainly no stranger to his presence regarding sexual assault chargers (see Roethlisburger’s prior off season accusation), Pittsburgh Steelers’ Quarterback “Big” Ben Roethlisburger found himself on the other (wrong) end of a good old fashioned dry humping, during yesterday’s AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh.

With the intense showdown between fellow AFC foe, the New York Jets all but won, Big Ben took a knee with just seconds remaining on the clock, to ice the game. What happened next, I’m not too sure anyone in the stands or watching at home could have expected. Fellow teammate and possibly the player of the game, Pittsburgh running back Rashard Mendenhall then proceeded to pounce on his beloved quarterback in a fit of overwhelming excitement and give a few pelvic thrusts atop the poor guy. Yes, you middle schoolers out there would commonly refer to this as “dry humping.” Brings back memories, huh kids? Nightmares fore some, I’m sure.

While it seemed as if not many people caught the awkward act of man love the initial time around, shortly after the game’s end, the hilarious clip conveniently made its way onto the internet, where as expected, everyone had a field day.

Lucky for both Mendenhall and Roethlisburger, they’re going to the Super Bowl and undoubtedly could currently care less about some minuscule sexual assault on live television. Would’ve just added insult to injury in a loss, however. I still would really enjoy hearing both of their responses regarding the topic, in an interview sometime this week. I’m sure my wish will be granted sooner rather than later.

See video below:

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