Ray J Performs Live from Prive Nightclub Las Vegas

So it just so happens that the MyVegasScene.com crew decided to join Ray J at Prive Nightclub Las Vegas for a night of glamorous VIP entertainment once again. It seems that the nights at Prive Nightclub keep getting more interesting as they progress into this “We Rock Hip Hop” Monday night theme with DJ Franzen (@DJ_FRANZEN on twitter). Franzen jumps behind the wheels of steel at around 12:30 or so and the hip hop really begins. Just to shed some weight on the DJ that started the night i just want to express my feelings. He starts out playing the normal sh*t that we always hear over and over but then he brings out some old school yeah and I’m talking serious old school like “Ski Lo” and “Bel Biv Devoe”. Some of our readers know what I’m talking about. But just to rant on about that for a few minutes let me move on. Here is the video we captured from our normal home away from home at Prive Nightclub Las Vegas tables 15 and 16.

Now i know the audio is bad but hey it’s from a crack berry. We are slowly working on the crew at Prive Nightclub Las Vegas to allow us to live stream the DJ’s and Performances.

So we arrive around 11pm to see the crowd outside is crazy to see Ray J perform since he has a new hit series show called “For The Love of Ray J” on VH1. No i have yet to have the chance to watch any of these shows but from the looks of it I’m not sure i want to even watch an episode. Seems to me like another form of “Flava of Love” but yeah now don’t get me started on these reality shows that are coming out these days. It seems to me like the tv stations just don’t care anymore and give a reality show to anyone that mails them a pilot disk.

But back to the subject at hand. Ray J performed around 2am like the normal performance for the entertainment at Prive Nightclub Las Vegas and it was a decent performance with him doing 2 songs and having a very very hott chick on the DJ booth with him dancing and grinding all over the whole group. Makes me wonder if he paid this girl just to get up there with him or who did. But then again maybe this is just another Las Vegas bottle rat that got carried into the group by a host. But that is another touchy subject i will have to dabble into another time.

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  1. Bottle-rat, lol. The chick was “COCKTAIL” his new girlfriend – after she won on the show “For the Love of Ray-J”.

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