Review of Prive Nightclub Las Vegas Since Re-Opening


Organization pretty much sums it up. After meeting friends down stairs and watching the long line for a bit, I noticed a ton of new-found organization at the door. It looks like the times of unorganized lines and chaos outside of Prive Nightclub Las Vegas is long gone.

Prive Nightclub Las Vegas

After meeting Jeff (the head of VIP services) to get our table, we walked through two new ID checkpoints: one at the velvet ropes and one more before stepping on the escalator. Upstairs and inside we go, to land back at home – table 16. We were immediately greeted by two waitresses, the porter and then the VIP security guard.

Looking around I notice a few extra people watching the tables. It looks like the security was on point. Showing up at 11pm and seeing the one and only DJ Franzen of Las Vegas’ 97.5 radio station already on the tables so early was a little weird. Things seem a bit different here with new guys running the place. Once upon a time the rotunda room had a vacuum based elevator; some time ago it actually worked. I actually saw it work when they opened on new years of 2007.

Jeff Kovatch from Prive Nightclub Las Vegas

12:00am: The table beside is was sat. We kind of felt lonely at table 16 sitting by ourselves with no company beside us. It was now looking like a normal Monday night at Prive Las Vegas, less the smell of marijuana in the air. Who knows who is lurking in the dark in this place just yet. One thing is for certain – Security is present and Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino has people in the building scoping things out and making sure everything is running okay.

12:30am: Nick Cannon has just shown up in the DJ booth with Frandalay Bay (DJ Franzen). One has to wonder if Nick will take the wheels of steel tonight. Only time will tell.

Prive Nightclub Las Vegas Industry Mondays

1:00am: Nick Cannon is on the wheels shortly after my last remark. This kid is all over the place tonight. From hip hop to top 40’s then off to some crazy techno and back to hip hop.

1:30am: We are on to the second bottle of Grey Goose. The Director of VIP Services Jeff Kovatch was nice enough to let us pop another bottle as DJ Franzen finally takes the wheels of steel away from Nick Cannon, who I thought – was horrible in comparison. Franzen is back – ripping it up and we hope he continues to do so. Shout out after shout out.

3:30am: There is still no sight of the owners like they said in the commissioners meeting to determine the fate of Prive Nightclub. Roman Jones and Mitchell Rubenson are nowhere to be found on this closing of Labor Day Weekend 2009.

After four hours being in the club I would say that things have changed for the best here at Prive Nightclub Las Vegas. Only time will tell if the nightclub will land their liquor license back on October 6th.

Two bottles deep and I’m headed off in a cab to another adventure to be told at another time.

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