Our Review Of Tony And Tinas Wedding At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Last night I had the opportunity to go see “Tony and Tinas Wedding”, the famous Broadway dinner-show at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

It was probably the most wacky yet interesting thing I’ve ever seen. I was under the impression I was going to see a show but from the moment I handed over my admission tickets, I truly believed I was at a wedding. It was so real it was almost uncomfortable, but for all of the right reasons.

I immediately felt under dressed, and by the time I was seated at my table, the other people (who I thought were part of the audience) were asking me what side of the family I was with! From that moment on, I was utterly impressed with the realism of the wedding. Members of the show would come over and hug me and tell me how good it was to see me! The actors got what seemed to be increasingly drunk as the show went on and every aspect of this wedding just became more and more realistic.

There was dinner, a champagne toast, wedding cake, the obnoxious mother who took charge, the way too drunk buddy of the groom, the family arguments and more. Members of the audience would get up and dance to the live 80’s band and even the bride and groom would come sit at your table and chat with you. I’d like to consider myself an intelligent being, but it was extremely difficult for me to differentiate what was acting from what was reality. What really threw me off was the special guest appearance from the former wrestling superstar, Roddy Piper, who sat and our table and had dinner with us!

Ever think about how cool it would be to be Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson in the movie “Wedding Crashers?” Well “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” allows you to do just that. Go to a wedding, pretend you’re part of the family, get drunk, dance, eat for free and have a blast with the other members of the wedding! Apparently they have a celebrity guest appearance every two weeks or so!

My recommendation – if you’re looking for a show to take a date to, this might not be it. But if you’re looking to attend a realistic, wild and crazy wedding where you can get drunk and have a blast, then check out this show! If you would like to purchase tickets to “Tony and Tinas Wedding” at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, call 702-949-6450.

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