Roberto Cavalli at CRYSTALS in City Center. Your Fantasy Made Reality


CRYSTALS at City Center in Las Vegas is a breathtaking place. As you walk through and look around at the VERY high ceiling, greenery and huge store windows, your mind loses itself encapsulated in beauty, but thank God for your heels! Your heels are the needed “alarm clock” today, because your mission is to arrive at Roberto Cavalli‘s new Las Vegas location.


You know him. You love him. He needs no introduction. You wear his masterpieces when on paradise vacations. You wake up early in the morning on the day his new line is launched, and when you see each new article of clothing alive on the runway, you find yourself applauding him from your living room sofa and wiping away tears of joy.

Ladies, he has done it again. His vibrant colors are calling and waiting for you in the form of the most lovely dresses you will ever see in your life (until next season when he shows his new collection). The sculpted pieces on display have an art museum quality to them, minus the feeling of something that is untouchable and cold. This store and these clothes are anything but cold. Each dress invites you to love it with warm twinkling adornments brighter than all of the lights on Las Vegas Boulevard. As you move through the store it feels as though there is a gentle breeze at your back leading you to the things that were placed just for you to find and make yours.

Visit these dresses when you have a few hours to spare. You will find, as I did that time does not exist in this magnificent place until you are walking out the door.

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