From Rochester to Las Vegas: A Love Story


It has been just over a month now since I made the strenuous and life changing journey from Rochester, NY to Las Vegas. I still wonder what brought me here. Something about a life less ordinary that Vegas has to offer. I felt compelled to start living and felt Vegas was the best place for that. It didn’t hurt that one of my best friends has been out here for three years. So I packed my car with my essentials, kissed my family goodbye, and took off.


America along the way played out like a series of cultural movie trailers before the featured film. Nebraska was a film about farming. Colorado, gorgeous communities tucked in-between towering mountains. I loved those three days I spent on the road. Wouldn’t trade them for anything, because of where they were going. They were leading me to a new home; a new world where I would have to shrug the remains of my jejune nature and force myself to grow up. Catapult to adulthood.

When I first saw Las Vegas, in the far off distance, I knew I had made it. Of course, I had made it literally, but intrinsically, I made it. Just seeing the scaling city from afar told me I had, for the first time, actually done something of value. Somewhere between Utah and Nevada, I had become an adult. The closer I came, the more I felt the weight of my travels. As I sit here, writing this in my apartment at 7:28 am, I’m proud of the decision I’ve made. I live in a city unlike no other. A city where you can, at any time of day, find something to do. If you play cards, you’ll never run low on venues. Party monster? In Vegas, the monster never sleeps. Name a better place if you love shopping then Miracle Mile to appease that itch. Unreal city, kept safe by the guardian mountains that surround it. Las Vegas. My heaven in the heat.

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