Rojo Lounge Las Vegas at Palms Place Hotel and Spa


It was a fun night not only for myself, but for everyone who participated in “Taste Tuesday” at Rojo Lounge Las Vegas – the innovative lobby bar inside of Palms Place Hotel and Spa.

Rojo Lounge Las Vegas
Emily (left) & Erin (right), Bartenders

Between the awesome set list from Las Vegas’ DJ Scientific, the exclusivity of the venue, and the unique blend of drinks – “Taste Tuesday” at Rojo Lounge made for an excellent get-a-way from the typical Vegas mega-club or local bar.

Candice and Monica at Rojo Lounge Las Vegas
Candice and Monica at Rojo Lounge Las Vegas

When you walk through the all glass entrance of Palms Place Hotel and Spa, immediately to your right is Rojo Lounge, what The Palms is calling “the lobby bar re-invented.” Throughout the bar you have lounge seating and small glass tables for your drinks – one of my favorite parts about the venue. Keep in mind that seating at almost any venue in Las Vegas is usually unavailable without the purchase of a table and bottle service! While enjoying your complimentary seating, you are less than 20 feet from the bar, no matter where you and your party are located. Our bartenders on Tuesday where Erin (as picture above on the right) and Chad, who were serving up amazing complimentary Sky Grape and Sky Passion Fruit cocktails which were courtesy of their open bar event for the evening.

As briefly mentioned, the exclusivity of the venue is another favorite of mine. It’s small, very lounge-like with dark colors (lots of red – hence the name, Rojo), and to me, was the perfect venue for a somewhat low-key Tuesday night. It allowed me to still get dressed nice for the occasion and have a good time, while avoiding the lines and the over-baring loud music of most typical places here in the city. If you’re not a fan of the smaller venues – feel free to spill out in the sexy, chic hotel lobby, where more lounge seating is also available. While there you can watch the DJ perform live while enjoying your drinks in this extended area of the bar.

If you haven’t been to Rojo Lounge Las Vegas inside of Palms Place Hotel and Spa yet, I certainly recommend you check it out. Don’t be mislead when you hear the term “lobby bar” – instead remember that this is a creation of George Maloof’s, owner of The Palms Casino Resort, one of the most famous and recognizable properties in Las Vegas for nightlife and entertainment. There’s a DJ every Friday and Saturday night starting at 9pm and the venue opens every day at noon, with daily happy-hour specials. With the success of this week’s “Taste Tuesday” you can certainly expect to hear about another one coming as soon as next week! Stay tuned and be sure to check out our Las Vegas events page to hear more about upcoming events at Rojo Lounge.

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