Ruh Roh: Rick Ross Sued for Pitbulls Killing Neighbor’s Dog


Just because your nickname is “The Bawse,” doesn’t mean your free from all human and lawful restraint. And being a former correctional officer, South Florida rapper Rick Ross should be up on his do’s and don’t’s amongst the community. Or maybe he just needs to beat some sense into his little ones (don’t report me).

Early this morning, TMZ reported that three of the emcee’s pitbulls escaped from his Atlanta home, venturing into the neighboring yard and then killing the neighbor’s poor, little puppy. Banks, the Yorkshire Terrier puppy, was evidently no match for the trio of beasts (who would’ve thought), as the triple team proved too much too fast.

Subsequently the k-9’s owner is suing the famed musician for $15,000. You know — cause that’s the going rate for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy these days. Emotional trauma, my tail.

The distinguished (sarcasm) pop culture website also made it clear that Ricky Ross has yet to apologize for the actions of his dogs — shocking, I know. And no word on a punishment for the pitbulls has been disclosed. Although, they will probably be put down (tear).

After catching the details of the story, does anyone else find the connection between Ross and the formerly convicted Michael Vick? Atlanta, anyone?

Puppies are people, too (sort of).

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