Russell Brand Posts Candid Photo of Katy Perry on Twitter


LONDON, England —- A bare-faced picture of singer Katy Perry was posted on Twitter by comic husband Russell Brand on Friday for the consumption of his 1.7 million followers, and then quickly removed.

The 26-year-old singer looked “pale, greasy and spotty” according to the London tabloid, The Sun. Perry who has yet to comment on the picture appeared sans make-up looking relaxed while enjoying some down-time during the holidays.

The ‘Get him to the Greek’ star seemed unapologetic about posting the candid picture of his wife of three months. If Brand is being “kenneled” over the recently posted picture, all is mum at the Brand-Perry flat for now.

Perry’s recent hit “Teenage Dream” has the opening lyrics: “You think I’m pretty without any make-up on.” which she wrote after meeting Brand. It appears, she does not feel pretty enough to appear without makeup to millions of Twitter followers, the report said.

The newlyweds were wed in a Hindu ceremony in Jaipur, India in October after getting engaged there on the previous New Year’s Eve.

Brand and Perry who are avid Twitter users have more than 6.8 million followers between them, most of them hers.

Perry is certainly not the only celebrity to be photographed without make-up; pictures of Cher, Uma Thurman, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez have surfaced to reveal a rather unflattering look to these otherwise well put together stars.

As I am writing this article I keep thinking what’s the big deal? So we see them without make-up, does this somehow disrupt the space time continuum? Will this make them less talented if the public sees them without the benefit of make-up? The answer for most is no, unless you’re Jennifer Lopez but that’s another article.

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