Russian Bomb Squad Called To Search Package Finds Sex Toy


 PETROZAVODSK, Russia (TheTelegraph/AFP) ~ Anti-terrorist bomb experts were called out to a post office in northern Russia to check out a suspicious package that was supposedly ticking, according to local police.

 Inside they found, not a bomb- but a woman’s vibrator.

 The incident took place at the Petrozavodsk post office, in the republic of Karelia, following a call from a postal employee who identified the package in question. A police spokeswoman told AFP News in a phone report that security forces surrounded the building and the employees were evacuated. Inside the suspicious box they uncovered a vibrating sex toy, which had been turned on by accident.

 Nerves are on edge in Russia following a terrorist attack in January on the Domodedovo Airport near Moscow, in which 37 people were killed. Since that incident, false bomb scares and evacuations have affected commercial centers, stations, and other public places.

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