Russian Families to Sue After Finding Out Babies Were Switched at Birth.

Irina Belyaeva
In a twist that seems more feasible for a movie than a real life story, two families in Russia have found out that their babies were switched at birth 12 years ago. This “little mix-up” would have probably never been discovered if one of the couples didn’t file for divorce. Yuri Belyaeva refused to pay child support to his wife Yuliya Because he didn’t believe their daughter Irina was his.

The Judge ordered a DNA test to settle the matter and as Maury would say Yuri was not the father. The only problem was Yuliya was not the mother either. This set off obvious alarm bells in Yuliya’s head.

Yuliya remembered that on the day in December 1998 that she gave birth to her daughter there was another lady that was in labor at the same time. This is when the mother realized that an atrocious mistake must have been made. The other mother was quickly found and another DNA test was given to to confirm their suspicions.

Both families are now now planning to sue the hospital for 5 million Rubles in damages. This averages out to about 101,000 pounds or 158,300 dollars. Given the time that has expired since the actual event it is not possible for the families to sue any individual staff involved.

Irina and the other girl, Anya, want to continue to be raised by the parents that they have known for the past 12 years. Yuliya had this to say, “Irina keeps saying to me: ‘Mum, please don’t give me away!’ I comfort her by saying: ‘I would never do anything against your wishes. Nothing has changed. I’m still your mother. As for Anya, my biological daughter, she also says she wants to remain with the parents she knows. She will just visit from time to time.”

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