Ryan Leslie Ups Reward to 1 Million Dollars for Stolen Laptop


While on his European tour a week or so ago, singer/song writer/producer, Ryan Leslie fell victim to theft, namely losing his laptop and external hard drive, which as you could expect, holds some fairly intimate information. Immediately releasing a public statement in hopes of siphoning any pertinent information in regards to his lost hardware, Leslie added that a $20,000 dollar finders fee would be awarded to anyone who would come forward with the computer.

Here we are, over a week since the incident’s occurrence, and now the talented musician has bumped up the reward a slightly considerable amount. How does a cool mill sound? No no, that’s not a typo. What ever is on that machine has Mr. Leslie all strung out.

The immediate assumption would be an accumulation of unreleased audio related work, but going from twenty grand to a million bucks, I’m thinking there might be a little more to it than just that. It would have to be immensely personal or I guess, just that valuable for such a lofty finder’s fee. Nonetheless, Ryan continues to tread on by performing each of his appointed European shows. You have to feel bad for the dude. Any relating info should be sent to [email protected].

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