Ryan Seacrest Inks $60 Million Deal with Clear Channel


According to the New York Times, American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest is said to have locked in a three year deal, with radio juggernaut, Clear Channel Communications, worth roughly $60 million. This amount would nearly double his last offering of $35 million, in 2008.

The alleged contract would commit Seacrest to the multimedia phenomenon for a three year contract, in which they are aiming to expand his endeavors into that of TV content development, a record label, music publishing, a concert series and additional digital ideas. All in a hard days work, huh kids? I think it’s safe to say, the man will need many hats (if you catch my drift).

In regards to the ongoing relationship between the multi-talented personality and Clear Channel, Robert Pittman, the recently named Clear Channel chairman of media and entertainment platforms had this to say, “Everyone at Clear Channel is thrilled to renew and expand our partnership with Ryan, who is not only a top radio and television personality but also a true visionary who has firmly established himself as America’s leading curator of popular culture. His likability and broad appeal are a key reason why his shows have such phenomenal reach and penetration.”

As if the guy isn’t in enough places at once these days, at any given time you can see his face on your television set or hear his voice on your radio/computer/etc. No hating here however, just goes to show you what a personable personality and charismatic appeal can get you these days. This only leaves us with one question though, what does it all mean for the future of American Idol?

(Quote via Hollywood Reporter)

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