Same-Sex Marriages To Take Place On NY Broadway Stage


It’s quite common knowledge that the theater community is interwoven within the gay community closer than the marriage of peanut butter and jelly. I had a chance to go vulgar here with my analogy and took the high road. Some people say that gives a writer a warm feeling. I beg to differ. Now back to the stage.

With New York same-sex marriage supporters still in full celebratory swing, the city’s Broadway community is right there with show-tunes and two-steps to keep the victory in hysteria mode. As reported by Instinct Magazine, right after the Broadway show “Hair” wraps up it’s final curtain call on July 25, the iconic St. James Theater – where “Hair” is performed – will lend it’s stage to a few lucky same-sex couples to commemorate the legal conquest for the gay community.

Let me be the first to formally congratulate New York City on single-handedly making that act of gay marriage and Broadway theater just a smidgen gayer. None the less… FAAAABULOUS! Current Broadway show “ ‘Book of Mormon’ star Rory O’Malley helped make the announcement in front of the theater saying at a press conference, “ It’s not just a summer of love, it’s a summer of equality.” ‘

Jordan Roth, who’s the president of the company that owns the St. James Theater located at 246 West 44th Street, announced “The theater is the place where we come together to celebrate and affirm who we are as a people. It is the place where we stand in front of our community on a stage and we speak our truths. That’s what theater is and that’s what a wedding is.”

The only thing more the LGBT organization could do to truly symbolize and intensify this long overdue milestone would be to bring Harvey Milk back to life for the evening to preside over the weddings. Until then, encore!

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