Sarah Palin Campaigns for Bristol on DWTS


It looks like the enticement of a photo-op and some upcoming air time was too sweet to pass up. Our favorite rogue warrior, Sarah Palin, was spotted in Beverly Hills today, in town to support daughter Bristol’s run for the trophy on Dancing with the Stars. I mean seriously, did you think she would pass up an opportunity to have millions of viewers see their favorite ex-Alaskan governor on TV cheering for her daughter? Prepare yourself for the tender moment when she sheds a tear of pride at Bristol’s hip-swiveling with dance partner Mark Ballas.

It looks like Bristol is following in her mother’s fame-seeking footsteps. Early last week she got the paparazzi to follow her and Ballas to Alaska, so she could give him a tour of her home state and to meet the parents. According to Mr. Cha Cha Ballas, who tweeted and took pictures of “Me and Mama Palin,” the trip to Alaska was “awesome.” Ballas also wrote in a post for USA Today, “I found them [the Palins] to be extremely nice, kind, loving, and super sweet. Mama Palin sure is proud of her hard-working daughter.” Well, the Palins, definitely got their money’s worth on that one.

And now Bristol’s “number one cheerleader” is in LA with some family members, doing a bit of “incognito” touring and getting ready for her big tv debut. Let’s see if Palin’s presence gives Bristol a bump in the ratings or makes her flop. Either way, any press is good press.

You Betcha!

Written by K. Politis

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