Scottish Macaroons Turn Potatoes Into A Surprisingly Delicious Dessert


Potatoes are great for so many reasons. Tater tots. Hash browns. French fries. Every which way, they delight. But we never, ever thought they’d make their way into a dessert with success. Well, surprise, surprise because that’s exactly what they did. LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES:

Photo credit: Christina’s Cucina

Let us introduce you to Scottish macaroons (which were introduced to us by food blogger Christina’s Cucina). They are a traditional sweet in Scotland made popular by the confection company Lee’s. The macaroons are made with a base of mashed potatoes that have been whisked into a fondant-like texture by the addition of sugar — naturally — and coconut, for flavor. The sweetened potatoes are then shaped and dipped in chocolate.

The description of these confections isn’t exactly appetizing, but after taking a bite of one you’ll forget all about the potato because they are that good. There’s a reason so many folks have created their own homemade versions of Lee’s Scottish Macaroons.

Intrigued? Head on over to Christina’s Cucina to try her recipe.

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