Sean Parker Continues to Speak on His Portrayal in The Social Network


At this point, it is no shocking secret that Napster founder and the initial president of Facebook, Sean Parker is unhappy with the character that Aaron Sorkin built, mimicking the innovative businessman for his award winning The Social Network film. Repeatedly stating that the portrayal is not even remotely close to his real life persona, Parker recently sat down with the Financial Times, and what else could they choose to talk about?

Played by musician turned actor Justin Timberlake in the “based on a true story” flick, Sorkin surrounded the role with a fast paced life full of women, drugs, money, and basically all forms of power-crazed antics. All of which Parker says, hold now real, impacting place within his day to day life. One thing is for certain, however, the online mogul has a flair for business dramatics and can turn the mundane into flashy and exciting, at the drop of a hat.

When describing his work/business life to FT, this is what he had to say: “Solving specific problems is what drives me. I am not interested in having a career. I never have been. This in no way resembles a career. I think a career is something your father brings home in a briefcase every night, looking kind of tired.”

Also when questioned about a particular scene in the movie, where Parker states to the young Facebook crew that, “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.” he disclosed that his true opinion is slightly differing. “It’s not cool,” the entrepreneur said of a billion dollars. “I think being a wealthy member of the establishment is the antithesis of cool.” He continued, “Being a countercultural revolutionary is cool. So to the extent that you’ve made a billion dollars, you’ve probably become uncool.”

Whether the Hollywood portrayal is, in fact, as far off as Parker suggests or not—it certainly worked for the film, and the guy should at least appreciate the amount of resurrected attention it has brought to his doorstep. Tissue, Mr. Parker?

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