Segway Owner Drives Segway Off Cliff to His Death


Now this is something you don’t hear every day.

Wealthy British businessman James Heselden, also owner of the company that makes the two-wheeled Segway personal transporter, was found dead in the north of England after apparently driving his Segway off a cliff.

A witness in the area reported seeing a man fall over 30 feet into the River Wharfe. Police say that in addition to his body being pulled from the river, a Segway was also found at the scene. It is still too soon to tell if Heselden’s death was the result of safety problems with his Segway, or some other reason. Apparently, it does not look like foul play was involved, but that doesn’t make the case seem any less bizarre.

The Segway is like an upright scooter, controlled by the direction you lean into. You may remember President George W. Bush trying one at his home in 2003. The Segway fell over when he was trying to get on, but luckily the president was able to jump off before getting hurt. Granted, a lot of people didn’t fault the machine for that accident.

Segways have actually been banned in some U.S. cities, but are also used by numerous U.S. police departments for community watch.

Another unfortunate aspect about this freak accident was that Heselden was in fact, an extremely generous guy. With a net worth of about £166 million, he was big on giving to those in need. Heselden had donated over 23 million pounds to charity and considered it a “moral obligation” for wealthy people to use their money to help others.

Written by Katherine Politis

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