Sex Study Shows Fewer Teens Having Sex


According to a new study, teens are not getting the action they used to causing a bunch of grown-ups to rack their brains trying to figure out the reasons why.

The National Center for Health Statistics released a recent study that 58% of girls and 53% of boys ages 15-17 were virgins and had not engaged in any form of sexual contact of any kind– basically nothing from second base on.

Some people are claiming that abstinence-only programs are part of the reason. Could be. Showing a woman giving birth will make most kids want to cement their legs shut for a few years. Also some of the STD videos can be pretty friggen shocking for a teen, especially when you see the before and after pictures and really understand that it could also happen to you.

However, it may be the out-of-school programs that are the most shocking for kids like MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ for example. A few episodes of that will get a lot of teens to lock themselves in their rooms until after graduation– that is if their parents don’t do it first.

Other people say ‘sexting’ or sex via test messages could be a reason. But that’s unlikely considering numbers of sexually active teens have been dropping since 1988, and back then messages were still being passed via snail-mail paper notes.

Another thought is that teens are just sick of it; the focus on teen sex that is. Everyone seems to be making shows about it, talking about it, analyzing it so much that it has lost a lot of its thrill. Also, it appears that there are more virgins out there because kids are actually waiting for the “right” person to give it up to instead of just “any” person.

What? A new generation with morals?

Go figure.

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