Shame Shame: Brett Favre in the Midst of More Sexual Charges


Quite possibly the greatest quarterback to ever pick up a pigskin, Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre has had a much tougher go around this past season in the NFL, than his remarkable, recording breaking year just a season ago. Not only has his play and productivity fallen substantially, but matters off of the turf haven’t been any smoother.

As most are aware of by now, the 41 year old NFL superstar allegedly sent inappropriate sexual text and picture messages to New York Jets sideline reporter Jen Sterger. While Favre still denies any truth to the accusations, he was recently fined 50,000 by the NFL for failure to cooperate accordingly in the ongoing investigation. But yes, by now, that is mostly old news.

In more recent light, two New York Jets employees (massage therapists) have come out in disclosure of Favre making numerous inappropriate and misguided sexual advances while playing for the organization in 2008. The females, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, have filed a law suit in the state of New York that blames the one time New York Jet of constantly mistreating them and being very unprofessional, so much as to make a number of unwarranted sexual references in their direction.

The team’s therapist manager, Lisa Ripi, who has been allocated as a defendant for the two Jets employees, said that the nature surrounding the entire group of players was “a hot bed of sexual harassment, sexism and inappropriate behavior.”

Makes you wonder if Brett was the ring leader for the numerous accounts of fiasco or did he simply follow suit. One thing is for certain, between the Sterger incident and now this, I think it’s safe to say that the guy has a problem (addiction). But Brett, please look at your wife. She’s fairly easy on the eyes herself. Always wanting what we can’t have, I guess. When will we ever learn?

Quote via USA Today

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