Shaquille O’Neal Gets Caught Sext Messaging


Now that the big fella, Shaquille O’Neal has retired from the NBA, we didn’t think we’d hear too much from the future hall-of-famer — although never mind the fact that he could have (key words) quite possibly gotten a fairly nice broadcasting job. But seeing as most retired athletes choose to live out there days on some remote island, in the middle of nowhere, this might make it hard for Shaq to accomplish such now, if he did so choose.

Sext messages (come on —you know— sexual text messages) have recently been revealed, being exchanged between the former league MVP and his one-time lady, model Dominica Westling. Mind you, Mr. O’Neal was indeed married during this time — yeah, that’s the kicker.

And while one could hope and pray that the dialogue between the two former love birds was wholesome and pure, well — that’s not exactly the case. Let’s just say that the then Mrs. Shaq is not going to like this. I guess this kind of drama can happen to anybody, even dudes 7-feet-plus (bigger bodies don’t equate to bigger brains). Keep your trifling exes on a leash, fellas (sorry, ladies).

Nonetheless, check the juicy convo-in-full below:

Dominica: I feel bad we lost contact. Hope you are well. I live in LA now so hit me up if you ever come out there

Shaq: O my god were r u can i have u bak i miss u to whts yur number pls baby i want u bak do u love me

Dominica: Yes I wanna see you, you know I can never forget about you. My number is [redacted by us]

[Twenty-three days later, Dominica sends Shaq an email with only the subject line “Muuaaahhh” and a photo that, judging by his reaction, didn’t depict a tray of freshly baked cookies.]

Shaq: Where can I cum at when I c u

Dominica: All over me, where do you wanna cum?

Shaq: In u foreva

Dominica: I miss that

Get that mental picture, folks? I sure hope not.

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