Shellie Smith:Michael Jackson Gave Me Herpes


LOS ANGELES, Calif. —“Herpes are forever”A New York woman has filed two creditors claims against Michael Jackson’s estate claiming the late King of Pop gave her herpes in 1979, and it ruined her life according to court documents filed in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Shellie Smith contends she caught the disease from Jackson, as he was her only partner. Smith is now demanding $10 million dollars from Jackson’s estate according to website TMZ.

“In 1979, I started having sexual relations with the decadent. Shortly thereafter, I began to get blisters on my legs, face and lips. He was my only partner at the time,” Smith said.

“At this time, I am unable to have a full and vibrant life due to the complications of this disease.”

However, in a second claim filled on May 19, Smiths states she began having a sexual relationship with Jackson in 1977 and was diagnosed with herpes simplex.

In the claim Smith says, “[Michael] knew I was getting blisters on my body, however, he continued to have sex with me.”

This isn’t the first time Smith has filed a claim against Jackson.

In January 2010, Smith claimed she was secretly married to Jackson and entitled to spousal support. A claim that was later rejected.

Smith’s latest claim comes after the deadline for filing a creditor’s claims in Jackson’s case has expired.

Several news sources make the argument that Smith may have learned about an A-list celebrity who was sued after knowingly exposed his sexual partner to the herpes virus.

Michael Jackson died at his Los Angeles home in October 2009.

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