Shocker: Charlie Sheen was on Steroids For Major League


They say all press is good press and in the case of recently “unemployed” actor Charlie Sheen, we’d have to say that statement has been stretched to its limits. Recently, news broke that the disgruntled sitcom star was roided up while filming the 1989 comedy, Major League.

Sheen disclosed the tidbit to Sports Illustrated in a recent sit down, seeing as the “winning” actor/personality seemingly has nothing to lose these days.

Sheen played character Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn, as he portrayed a fire slinging pitcher with little to no control, on and off the diamond. As is common with your average sports film, intense workouts are a must prior to and during the filming stages — or simply, shooting up a little juice a couple times a day. We know Charlie and his great work ethic, right? No corners cut here.

Sheen went on to tell SI that he was on the performance enhancing drugs for “six to eight” in hopes of what else — “enhancing his performance a little bit.”

While the movie was an undeniable hit which went on to jump start the careers of several of its actors, including Sheen, we see that his bad judgment and low character spawned long before his recent meltdown.

Say it ain’t so, Chuck. Say it ain’t so.

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