Should You Buy a Laptop or a Netbook?


It is coming to the point where nearly everyone in America owns a mobile phone. Nearly every teenager possesses an X-box, Play Station, a Wii or something like them. Presents for special occasions will have a high chance of being electronic.

Gadgets and gizmos rule. If it doesn’t have a battery, don’t buy it. Computers are definitely included in this category. Some of you may be looking to purchase a laptop in the near future. Or should you get a notebook? If you are not clear on the plus-minuses, you could walk into your electronic store and get instantly overwhelmed.

There are literally dozens of companies competing for your buck. To whom shall you give it? Regarding laptops, they typically start at screens about 12 inches in dimension and go on up to 17 inches. Notebooks range around 11 inches, and netbooks are less than that, generally between 9-10.5 inches. Here the first difference.

The second thing to consider, how light do you need your portable computer to be? Laptops are upwards of seven pounds. A notebook will be around 5-7 pounds, and a laptop will be the lightest of all. This is because it is smaller, but it also has less functionality.

If you want your portable unit to function like a PC, you will have to carry the weight. If you want something durable, you will need a laptop. If you want to watch DVD’s or upload software, you will need a laptop. If you are traveling around a lot or carrying it back and forth to school or just need to get online, send emails, surf the web and write some papers, a netbook will do you fine.

Just keep in mind a netbook will also have a shorter lifespan than most laptops. Know what you need and then note the comparisons. Happy Browsing!

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