Signature Dishes a Treasure Islands Khotan Restaurant in Las Vegas


These dishes looked so amazing there was no way we couldn’t share them with you. If you didn’t read our previous post, Treasure Island Las Vegas opened Khotan Pan-Asian Restaurant on August 10th. Featuring Pan-Asian cuisine, outdoor seating and several chic indoor dining nooks, Khotan is the latest venue to hit the strip!

Pay-Roll at Khotan Las Vegas
Khotan Pay Roll: A-5 Kobe beef wrapped around a sushi roll filled with tempura fried king crab and avocado. Topped with poached quail egg and a drizzle of truffle oil, this regal roll sits in a bed of green goddess dressing.

Here are four signature dishes that are featured at Khotan Las Vegas. If this isn’t enough to get you there, I don’t know what is!

Fish Fusion at Khotan Las Vegas
Khotan Fish Fusion: Steamed fish of the day, served en papillote with lemongrass, oyster mushrooms and a julienne of vegetables. Presented tableside.

Prawn Cocktail at Khotan Las Vegas
Khotan Thai “Cocktail:” Honey spice rubbed red prawns served with green papaya salad.

Asparagus at Khotan Las Vegas
Khotan Peacock Asparagus: Yaki Mochi wrapped asparagus, served crispy with tobiko caviar hollandaise.

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