Sin City Comedy at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas [REVIEW]


Sin City Comedy at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas had me rolling on the floor laughing on Monday night. True story!


The headliners were Dennis Blair with Bryan Brunner. I didn’t really know what to expect other than your traditional comedy club antics – but this one stood out. First of all, Sin City Comedy adds a hint of burlesque to the show, giving it a sexy vibe and keeping you entertained during the breaks. The ever-so-friendly cocktail waitress was nice enough to keep the (rather large) drinks coming, which certainly helped! As usual, the host was hilarious by himself, but the comedians for the night were really something else.

When the headliner got to the stage, I noticed that most of his jokes were musically driven. It was until he pulled out his guitar when I realized where he was going with it. Not only was he musically talented playing any song we shouted out to him – he was also hilarious as he turned all the songs we’ve learned to love into funny songs about sex.

I don’t want to give the whole show away, but I will say this. If you’re looking for an affordable night of uncontrollable laughter, sexy dancers and good music, then Sin City Comedy Club is a must see show for you and yours!

You can download a Sin City Comedy application for your iPhone, watch videos, see upcoming events or purchase tickets on their website at or follow them on Twitter at @ SinCityComedy. Go see the show then be sure to write us and tell us what you think!

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