Six-Year-Old Girl Found Caged and Starved in Parent’s Home


Accounting for something unfathomably horrifying that you’ve probably witnessed in a sadistic horror flick, at some point in your life, Brian and Shannon Gore of Virginia portrayed one of the most unthinkable, horrendous acts that should undoubtedly stay seen on a movie screen.

Their six-year-old daughter was found just last week, trapped in a cage, nearly starved to death. The poor child was discovered by the local police department after a door-to-door search was initiated in means of corralling some stolen, gold bullion. After the suspicious activity was discovered, the PD returned with a search warrant and thus found the tortured, little girl. Covered from head-to-toe in her own feces and gnawing at pieces of skin from her forehead, doctors reported that if the child had stayed locked up for another month or so, she would have surely starved to death.

Not only that, however, but after further investigation throughout the premises, yet another body was found dismantled and buried underneath the Gore household.

The Gore’s have since been charged with attempted murder against the caged girl and murder for the dead body that was found underneath their home.

Unfortunately, the deadbeat parents also have a healthy, month-old baby boy that is now in custody of social services. Let’s just be thankful that these two sick and twisted individuals were caught before something happened to yet another child.

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