Sneak A Peak: Will Ferrell’s The Office Debut [VIDEO]


Already in mourning over the forthcoming absence of America’s favorite, fictitious boss? You know, Dunder Mifflin’s Michael Scott. Well, as previously mentioned, here to soften the blow, will be none other than leading funny man, Will Ferrell.

Ferrell is set to appear on four episodes of The Office, to provide as a transition from Michael Scott (Steve Carell) leaving the branch. Although the Anchorman lead is solely slated for the quartet of appearances, rumor surfaced today of a possible permanent role on the show. Life after Carell doesn’t sound so bad, now does it? But again, that is just a mere rumor, and I feel that most believe no replacement would ever fit the billing anyhow.

Ferrell and Carell will appear on screen together during the show, which will mark the first time sharing the action, since 2004’s Anchorman. No doubt a hilarious combination, and shame on you if you haven’t seen the flick.

In promotion of Ferrell’s debut episode on April 14, NBC has already released some promo footage to hype up the premiering. Although short in length, the featured aesthetics provides for an intriguingly comical bit, that will surely lead to a boost in ratings. Simply put, I expect nothing short of magic between the two leading actors. So take a look below, jot down the date of April 14 on your calender (enter it into your Blackberry), and let Will Ferrell’s hilarity take over your soul, as you put off the mourning for a few more weeks.

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