Snookie to Perform Community Service By Signing Autographs


SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. — In what appears to be a complete mockery of the justice system, reality TV star Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi will complete her court-ordered community service by signing autographs for three hours.

Polizzi who was arrested in July after a drunken bender in Seaside Heights, New Jersey will be returning to the scene of the crime to fulfill her obligation to the community that she annoyed this past summer.

According to TMZ and her lawyer, Ray Raya, the “Jersey Shore” star will make an appearance at the Seaside Heights community center this weekend to sign autographs as part of a fund raising event to benefit an animal charity.

Raya told TMZ, “If people want an autograph, they will make a $10 contribution to Donations of Love. Nicole will also be making an additional contribution to the organization.”

Polizzi reps said she will be participating in private community service activities but did not elaborate.

The punishment doesn’t seem to be humbling and taxing, but Raya insists that “it can be quite painful to sign autographs for three hours.”

However, this reporter wonders if picking up trash and scrubbing toilets at a rest stop would be a more appropriate punishment for a star of her caliber.

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