Socialite Paris Hilton Gets Her Hair Did At Boychuck Salon In Caesars


Socialite Paris Hilton gets her hair did at Michael Boychuck of COLOR Salon on Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hilton was pampered at one of Las Vegas’ most luxurious salons, COLOR: A Salon by Michael Boychuck at Caesars Palace hotel.

Celebrity Paris Hilton at COLOR: A Salon By Michael Boychuck At Caesars





Photos by Erik Kabik / Retna |

Hilton wanted to be ready for her Vegas evening out so she had long time friend Boychuck perfect her blonde tresses by Michael and his team. She also had her makeup done, too.

During Hilton’s time in the salon at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, journalist Alicia Jacobs conducted an interview with the very popular socialite. No kidding, she’s even more popular now after her late night incarceration Friday night in Vegas.

Hilton brought along her dog Marilyn Monroe. She was pampered at the salon just as much as Paris.

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