South Florida Bar Has Lost $85,000 Due to Miami Heat Losses


It has undoubtedly been tough times recently for the NBA’s Miami Heat. But in addition to the obvious pain and angst being felt between those listed on the team’s roster, fans, as well as one particular Hollywood, Florida bar are feeling the burn as well.

Whiskey Tango, a restaurant/bar located in downtown Hollywood, FL, just north of Miami, was amongst thousands of South Florida locals to be filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and excitement once Chris Bosh and LeBron James decided to “take their talents to South Beach,” just this past off-season. And with the expectations riding oh so high, John Todora and Bob Hartley of Whiskey Tango conjured up a way to spread that new-found Miami Heat fever and possibly cash in on a couple pesos. Their scheme—any patron who presents themselves at the establishment an half hour before any Heat game tip-off, has the opportunity to sign up for a free $25 bar tab, pending a Miami loss. The customer must be present for the entire game, to in turn cash in on their winnings. Great idea, right?

Well, it would have been if the speculations held true, as many NBA enthusiasts expected this year’s Miami Heat squad to be one of the most impressive hoops teams of all time, and thus lose a mere handful of games. But here we are, roughly five and a half months into this basketball season, 21 Heat losses later, and John Todora and Bob Hartley might not be as thrilled about their initial plan, as at inception. That’s right. As LeBron, D. Wade, and crew have certainly been experiencing their fair share of “growing pains,” losing six of their last nine games and showing no sign of cohesiveness and team play—this has resulted in a loss of $85,000 for Whiskey Tango.

While I’m sure the offer has brought it an overwhelming amount of consumers and thus upped the bar’s gross, 85 G’s is obviously a whopping figure, and we still have a month left of regular season basketball, not to mention the play-offs. I expect John and Bob to make a friendly visit to the homes of Bron, Wade, and Bosh, to offer up some sort of “motivational” services, if things don’t pick up soon.

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