Space Hotels: The Coming Trend?


With the new year rolling along, the world is just one step closer to living in outer space. What once seemed to be galaxies away is now closely approaching. It is all very cosmic.

Entrepreneur British tycoon Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic and most currently Virgin Racing, has led the way for a few years with his brainy idea, Virgin Galactic. Branson created the White Knight Two to launch wealthy passengers for a two hour ride into outer space for a meager $200,000.

It seems almost obsolete already and it hasn’t even launched yet. That is because sometime in the next coming year, 2012, The Spanish architects for the space resort, Galactic Suite, say they are on schedule for their space mission.

But the Barcelonans are not alone. A firm comprising of investors from Russia and America are sinking, or should I say floating, massive amounts of green into the Russian Federal Space Agency and their space hotel.

For something like upwards of $3 million you could look back at earth from outer space through portholes. Total passenger space will be around 700 cubic feet and contain four cabins. Passengers will be fed by celebrity chefs, but not before two-three weeks of training on a tropical island.

You can bet your bottom dollar that this project has its critics, particularly those on the other end of “green”. They contest it is a waste of millions and not helping to save the world or the environment.

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